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The International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) is one of the largest and most active non-governmental scientific organizations in the world.

The IUGS Commission on Geoscience Education, Training and Technology Transfer (COGE) was established in 2004 by the IUGS to examine and develop programs to assist developed and developing countries to maintain, expand or introduce better earth science education, outreach and technology transfer within their country.


GEO-ERA progress report.

Read the latest GEO-ERA progress report here.

The 7th GeoSciEd Conference - 1st circular now available.

The International Geoscience Education Organization (IGEO;, an affiliated organization of the International Union of the Geological Sciences, has the motto of promoting Earth Science education worldwide. One of the activities is the quadrennial International Conference on Geoscience Education (GeoSciEd). This conference has been successful in the past in bringing together leading academicians, scientists, researchers, graduate students and others whose mandate/interest is to promote geoscience education at the school-, college- and university-levels and among the general public on a single platform and facilitate intellectual interactions and discussions. The 7th edition of GeoSciEd is being organized in Hyderabad, India during September 5-9, 2014. We invite you to participate and present your contributions at this conference. Geoscience is an umbrella term that includes solid earth, atmosphere, oceans and astronomy.

Follow this link to download the 1st circular. Your participation and presentation at the 7th GeoSciEd Conference in Hyderabad, India, is highly anticipated!

The International Geoscience Syllabus - a joint IGEO/IUGS-COGE report.

This joint IGEO/IUGS-COGE report is available for download and can be used by anybody to enable planning and development of their own syllabus.

The syllabus is based on the following principles:

   •  it is based on existing curricula around the world since a syllabus based on existing curricula is most likely to be globally accepted
   •  the structure of the international syllabus is clearly apparent, even though such structure is not readily apparent in many existing curricula;
   •  the syllabus is concisely presented on just one page, since a concise syllabus is more likely to be acceptable to non-Earth science educators and teachers; more detail is also provided
   •  the syllabus does not aim to indicate progression.

The report is available here as a 1.9Mb word file.


IUGS-COGE project: GEOscience Education Roadmap for Africa (GEO-ERA).

The GEO-ERA is a new, mid to long term (2012-2016) IUGS-COGE project in collaboration with the Geological Society of Africa (GSAf) and aims to provide the entire African continent with a roadmap to advance the target of geoscience education, training and technology transfer.


Read more here ...


Our new logo is a winner!
All 13 entries received by July 7 2012 were carefully considered by members of the commission and a vote taken at the IUGS COGE meeting at the IGC Congress in Brisbane, Australia (5-10 August 2012) - follow this link for details of the competition: The clear winner was the design by Lachlan Hewitt. The $100 winners prize has been sent together with a letter of Congratulations! Many thanks also go to all the other entrants.

IUGS COGE at the 34th IGC
COGO_meeting The Commission took the opportunity to meet face-to-face in Brisbane at the 34th IGC when many of the commissioners were present. Commissioners at the IGC: Left to right; Gary Lewis (GSAmerica), Bronte Nichols (IGEO), Chris King (COGE Vice-Chairman), Greg McNamara (GSAust & TESEP), Jen Nocerino (COGE Secretary/Treasurer), Prof. Dr. Jesús Martínez Frías (COGE Chairman), Elyvin Nkhonjera (Malawi), Ashvin Wickramasooriya (Sri Lanka) and Roberto Greco (Italy).

IUGS COGE to attend Education session in Africa
The Colloquium of African Geology (CAG) is a major biennial meeting organised under the auspices of the Geological Society of Africa (GSAf). CAG24 will be held January 8-14 2013 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, at the United Nations Conference Centre (UNCC-AA). IUGS COGE chairperson Prof. Dr. Jesús Martínez Frías is co-convener of Session 7.1, Earth Science Education in Africa.
Conference web site.
Conference program.

Cooperation of the SGA & IUGS COGE African Metallogeny Short Course
Report on the 1st SGA-SEG-UNESCO-IUGS Short Course on African Metallogeny in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, 12-18th March 2012
is available here. (1,410kb pdf file).

GEO-ERA project IUGS COGE endorsement letter
Pan-African geoscience education initiative as a key part of developing a GEOscience Education Roadmap for Africa (GEO-ERA).
is available here. (76kb pdf file).

A new interesting area for geoscience education
The Lutetian Stratotype (Gorrondatxe beach, Getxo, Biscay Province, Basque Country, Spain).
is available here. (993kb pdf file).

IGCP40th Anniversary meeting presentation by the COGE Chairman
IUGS/COGE: Earth Science education event. Workshop on Earth Science education globally. Connections between research and education: the essential, synergistic element for the future. Paris, 23 February 2012.
is available here. (1,841kb pdf file).


The Full Annual report 2011 from COGE to the IUGS is available here. (97kb pdf file).

The February 2011 report from COGE to the IUGS is available here. (72kb pdf file).

IUGS 50th Anniversary meeting presentation by the COGE Chairman
IUGS/COGE: The significance of partnership, capacity building and a multidisciplinary approach in geosciences education
is available here. (5,279kb pdf file).


The inaugural meeting of COGE was held in Boulder, Colorado USA, on 3-4 November 2004. The minutes of this meeting are available here. (61kb pdf file).

An action plan for 2005-6 was developed as a result of this meeting. A copy of this plan can be reviewed here (65kb pdf file).

Annual reports concerning COGE activities are available for 2006 here (107kb pdf file) and 2008 here (107kb pdf file).


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