GEOscience Education Roadmap for Africa (GEO-ERA)

The GEO-ERA is a new, mid to long term IUGS-COGE project in collaboration with the Geological Society of Africa (GSAf) and aims to provide the entire African continent with a roadmap to advance the target of geoscience education, training and technology transfer.

Read the latest GEO-ERA progress report here.


Important features of GEO-ERA:

  •   GEO-ERA works under a multi-institutional framework taking into account the significant previous work carried out by other institutions (e.g. UNESCO Earth Science Education Initiative in Africa).

  •   GEO-ERA will provide a common framework for understanding basic theoretical and practical geoscientific issues, from a multidisciplinary point of view and with a geoethical approach, taking into account that Africa is one but also that the different countries and regions require tailor-made analyses.

  •   GEO-ERA will be developed by Africans.

  •   GEO-ERA will increase the currently still scarce visibility of the contributions linking Geoscience Education and Africa through a set of concrete actions and the publication of thematic contributions in prestigious journals (i.e. Science, Nature, Journal of African Earth Sciences, Episodes).

Some planned activities in the framework of GEO-ERA:

  •   Promoting school-level Geoscience Education across Africa
      - A joint proposal by UNESCO, IUGS-COGE and IGEO
      - led by Prof. Chris King, Vice-Chair of IUGS-COGE

  •   African Geoscience Students Development for Society workshop and pilot project
      - led by Dr. Mike Katz (AGID)
      - A Joint proposal by AGID, IUGS-COGE and GSAf
      (further institutional contacts with other organisations are in progress)

  •   An Inventory of geoscience education data in Africa for GEO-ERA.
      - A Joint proposal by IUGS-COGE, ESM and GSAf

  •   Development of an Africa-based glossary of geological terms

  •   Africa-based Earth Science Literacy Reports NSF-ESLI (by regions)

  •   GEO-ERA Recognition Certificate
      - Africa-related geosciences education
      (students, teachers, earth scientists, and community groups)

  •   GEO-ERA Workshop (2014-2015)

Publications about GEO-ERA:

  •   Martinez-Frias, J. and Mogessie, A. (2012)
      The need for a geoscience education roadmap for Africa. Episodes 35-4: 489-492.

Partners and Collaborators: